Translation of articles from column "Captain Shmelev School" published in Russian trucking magazine "Avtoperevozchik" (Autocarrier) in 2010:

19-2017 Standard GOST 26653-2015 New!

15-2013 Chipboards transportation: concealed cargo characteristics New!

14-2010 Ignorance of standards is no excuse New!

12-2010 Mounting goods to survive and save loads! (Editorial)

11-2010 How to tame principles of Newton with assistance of German road police

10-2010 What straps secure cargo?. To be translated.

09-2010 Transport and carrying of equipment on road transport. New!

08-2010 Stowing and securing cargo in transport packages. To be translated.

07-2010 Delivering stone New!

06-2010 Friction and its role in fixing cargo. To be translated.

05-2010 Submit ashore Springe, pull your boat to the dock! To be translated.

04-2010 How to secure? For what to anchor? To be translated.

03-2010 Securing to prevent tipping. To be translated.

02-2010 How many tie-downs for securing cargo? To be translated.

01-2010 Cargo securing: concepts, rules and forces